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Construcción y Reforma en Tenerife

Construction and Renovation

GRUPO REFRIPECA has a Department of Reforms and Execution of Works, both new and restoration, with which it has carried out important works in the Canary Islands. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN WORKS AND SERVICES.

Protección pasiva en Tenerife

Passive Protection

Perlite mortar spraying, rock wool, sealing of installations, intumescent pads, collars and intumescent grids. Intumescent paints, from RF15 to RF 240.

Mantenimiento  Integral en Tenerife

Integral Maintenance

Mechanized Cleaning, Industrial Buildings, Sports Centers, Shopping Centers, Offices, Construction Sites, Garages and Galleries.

Climatización y Extracción en Tenerife

Air Conditioning and Extraction

Installation and preventive maintenance of air conditioners, ventilation and extraction. With more than 20 years of experience.

Instalaciones Eléctricas - Tenerife

Electrical Installations

A large department with which we carry out commercial electrical and industrial installations specialized in photovoltaic together with our engineers.

Cerrajería Metálica - Tenerife

Metal Locksmith

A great team formed by certified welders with whom we carry out metallic structure, structural reinforcement and metallic locksmithing in conjunction with our architects.

Instalaciones de Contraincendios en Tenerife

Fire Fighting Installations

Fire detection and extinguishing system, Preventive Maintenance.

Plumbing and Masonry

Plumbing and Masonry

Our large construction department made up of masons, tilers and bricklayers carry out all projects with great quality and speed.

Industrial Paints

Industrial Paints

The protection, maintenance, prevention and aesthetics that your industrial installations require.

Adequacy of facilities to comply with regulations

Adecuación de Instalaciones a la normativa

We adapt and modernize your commercial and industrial facilities to current regulations.

Engineering and Projects

Engineering and Projects

We carry out projects and licenses with a large department of qualified technicians. 

Construcción y Reforma en Tenerife

Fountains and Gardens

Thematic gardens, fountains, designs and projects.